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Vinh Tho Technology JSC., was founded in 2007 on a precursor from a mechanical manufacturing and manufacturing facility with an initial goal of providing machine parts and machinery manufacturing in the food and industrial production lines. After 13 years of operation, Vinh Tho is proud to grow into a strong company in the field of machine manufacturing, system integration, technology solutions, and automated equipment, especially in the food and beverage industry…

Today, along with the development of automation technology, modernization in the manufacturing industry, to meet the needs of businesses, we have invested in research and application of advanced automation technology solutions. Especially the solution, technology of the 4.0 smart factory, providing the whole production line from material supply, preliminary processing, processing and packaging…

Besides, we often provide partial solutions of equipment clusters:

  • Automatic feeder and dosing system
  • Secondary packaging system: automatic palletizing system with robot-operated and specially designed system…
  • Solutions, equipment, processing lines in the food and beverage industry: automatic tank sanitation systems, pipes (CIP), pasteurization and sterilization systems, etc.
  • Equipment and technology solutions in other industries: cement, roofing, ceramic tiles, steel production, thermal power …
    To fulfil the unique client needs, we offer a wide range of services to meet your technical requirements. We strive to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive services to our clients.
    This is what we do best at VINH THO!



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Value talent cultivation and encourage
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Value talent cultivation and encourage
creative innovation


Value talent cultivation and encourage
creative innovation